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The Benefits of Owning vs. Renting

From the sense of security to the lasting financial advantages, there are many upsides to purchasing and owning your very own home. While this decision takes a lot of thought and planning, your knowledgeable and trusted team at Mason Flats is here to guide you along your exciting journey!

New Townhomes in East Atlanta Village

With a new townhome at Mason Flats, built with all-new systems and appliances, high-end features, and open, airy space, the advantages of owning versus renting have never been more clear. With us, you get to enjoy impeccable quality and complete comfort in a community that loves you back. As a homeowner, all this can be yours.

First, though, let’s look at the reasons why people rent:

  • Problems Qualifying: Being able to show a history of on-time payments is beneficial when qualifying for a mortgage. If you’ve had credit problems, it may be a good idea to rent and build up a good payment history. Improving your credit score before purchasing a home may qualify you for lower interest rates, which will impact your monthly mortgage payment.
  • Geographic Uncertainty: If you aren’t sure that you want to live in a particular neighborhood, you may want to rent before you purchase. Allow yourself a few months to test out the neighborhood before making a longer-term commitment.
  • Career & Income Uncertainty: If you are just beginning your career or think that a job change is in your near future, renting may be the best option. Renting is a more flexible option if there is uncertainty in your career or income level.


Happy young couple with key in hand standing outside in front of their new home.

However, if you have enough for a down payment, and you feel that you are ready, you can absolutely own your own home. Here are a few reasons to consider buying a townhome in Mason Flats:

Benefits of Buying a New Home

1. A better home: In today’s market, it’s more difficult than ever to find a quality rental in a great area. One of our high-end homes, on the other hand, provides the space, design, and security that you want, just outside of East Atlanta Village. Not to mention, exclusive community amenities await beyond your front door.

2. New is all you: In a used home, whether you’re renting or buying, you’re stuck with someone else’s style and choices. But as the owner of a Mason Flats home, our designer, Caprice, will help you select all the details you want, including flooring, lighting, countertops, and more.

3. No landlord: When you rent, your monthly payments only benefit your landlord, whereas mortgage payments made by you build equity for you. Not to mention, you’re always at the mercy of your landlord when you rent, while owning puts far more power and independence into your hands.

4. Financial predictability: Simply put, renting is unstable. Rates can (and will) increase, oftentimes based on the whims of your landlord… which is not the kind of surprise you typically enjoy. With a fixed-rate mortgage, your payments are fixed for the life of the loan, which is far more manageable than rental market fluctuations.

5. Tax benefits and savings: When you own your home, part of your mortgage payment goes toward the principal repayment, helping you to build equity. Best of all, you’ll continue to enjoy tax deductions on interest payments and property taxes.


Let’s face it — renting is so yesterday. When all is said and done, the true cost of renting doesn’t match up to the benefits of owning a home. After all, when it’s yours, you can make it yours… so make this year the one you turn your rent payment into a down payment on a Mason Flats home!

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